Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim nation and the fourth most populous country in the world. It is home to 12.7% of the world’s Muslims. Indonesia is also the world’s biggest archipelago with more than 17,000 islands, of which, around 8000 are inhabited. Over 300 languages are spoken across these islands.

Lombok in the country’s West Nusa Tenggara province is a popular destination for Muslim travelers. Indonesians call it the “island of 1000 mosques”. It is well known for its sandy beaches (Selong Belanak, Mawun and Tanjung Aan), postcard perfect scenery and enchanting water falls. The magnificent Mount Rinjani in North Lombok is a 12,000 feet high active volcano, the second highest in Indonesia. Senggigi is the main tourist strip on Lombok. It stretched out along several kilometers of the island’s beachfront. Other attractions in Lombok include the Narmada Park, Pusuk Monkey Forest and the village of Kuta. Another popular attraction is the Bayan Beleq Mosque. It is the oldest mosque on the island, reportedly dating back to 1634.

Indonesia is a major attraction for cultural travelers. In central Java, Borobudur is a magnificent Buddhist temple which dates back to 8th and 9th centuries. Again in central Java, Prambanan Temple is one of the largest Hindu temple in Southeast Asia. In Bali, Pura Besakih is a vast complex of Hindu temples, while Ubud is a renowned arts and cultural center.

In East Java, Trowulan is a major archeological site which spans over an area of 38 square miles. It is believed to be the capital of the Majapahit Empire.

Halal food is very easily available throughout Indonesia. Make sure to try Bebalung, Plecing Kangkung, Ayam Taliwang, Sate Ikan Tanjung and Sate Rembiga during your trip.