Why Us?

IslamicResorts.com is a website that helps halal-conscious travelers reserve accommodation in Muslim-focused resorts and hotels. All hotels and resorts on this website give special consideration to the needs of their Muslim guests. Availability of halal-food and family privacy are two major criteria used in selecting these properties. It is also possible for travelers seeking a higher level of privacy to book apartments and villas through our website. All apartments and villas on the website are either self-catering or situated in areas where halal-food is easily available.

Properties categorized as “Serving Halal” would cater halal-food but will have some non-halal items on their menu. All food served in properties categorized as “Alcohol-free” is halal. These hotels and resorts never serve alcohol on their premises. Properties categorized as “Highly-compliant” serve halal-food, never sell alcohol and also have segregated pools/beaches for women. Adherence to islamic norms is highly intended on these properties. Unless restricted by local laws, women are free to wear burkinis at swimming-pools in this category of hotels and resorts.

IslamicResorts.com is owned by GoldBazaar Inc. which is headquartered in Pickering, ON, Canada. The company is not a direct supplier of hospitality services and provides these reservation services in affiliation with Amsterdam, Netherlands based Booking.com.